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The Danford Lake Regional Landfill Project:
Where do the election candidates stand on the issue?
March 19, Danford Lake, Pontiac Regional Municipality, Quebec

The Coalition Against Danford Megadump has been attempting to determine where various candidates in the Outaouais stand on the issue of the Danford Megadump, and the more general question of municipal waste management. Through letters, meetings with some candidates, and monitoring the media, we have learned that many candidates do not endorse the megadump.

The strongest position against it was taken by the Green Party candidate for the Pontiac riding, Brian Gibb. In a meeting on March 18 with the Coalition, Mr. Gibb said unequivocally that he “would say no to the megadump”. Brian Gibb and his party, much like the Coalition itself, are investigating alternate technologies to solve the municipal waste challenge, including plasma gasification.

The Parti Quebecois candidate for the Gatineau riding, Mrs. Thérèse Viel-Dery, was quoted recently in the press noting that the community of Danford Lake doesn’t want the dump. She added: “In principle, I feel that now in 2007 we have the ability to dispose of waste in an ecologically responsible way”.

Jessica Squires, the Solidaire Quebec candidate for the Pontiac, declared her opposition to the megadump project on February 28, at a public information session organized by BAPE in Otter Lake.

In a meeting with the Liberal candidate for the Gatineau riding, Mrs. Stéphanie Vallée told the Coalition that she favours innovative technologies in principle.

A big question mark remains over the views held by the Liberal candidate for the Pontiac, Mrs. Charlotte L’Écuyer. Much to the disappointment of our members and supporters, Mrs. L’Écuyer has not answered any of the questions in our letter. The Coalition has made repeated efforts to meet with her, so far without success. Said Andre Carriere, President of the Coalition and a voter in the Pontiac riding, “along with health care and economic development, waste management is one of the biggest issues in the Pontiac. It is not helpful to the people when a leading candidate and sitting MNA refuses to discuss the issue.”

The Coalition will continue its efforts to meet with the Liberal candidate in the Pontiac and to determine where all the other candidates stand.

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