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Fish and Game Club Members Vote Against Danford Mega Dump
August 5, 2006, Danford Lake, Quebec

The members of the Five Mile Club, a local fish and game club which operates on 400 acres of land near Danford Lake (Pontiac) have voted against the Danford Lake Mega Dump.

This is the first fish and game club to have held such a vote. More local clubs and associations are expected to hold their own votes in the future.

“We are impressed by the fact that the Five Mile Club believed that they as members should vote on this important issue. And we are pleased at the result of the vote because it shows that the members want to look at alternatives and that they see this proposed mega dump as a much broader issue that should concern the entire Outaouais Region”, said Michèle Borchers, Vice President of the Coalition against the Danford Mega Dump.

Exact numbers of the File Mile Club vote were not disclosed but a majority voted against the Mega Dump.

For more information:

Michèle Borchers
Vice President, Coalition Against the Danford MegaDump
819-467-2219 or 613-237-0794

André Carrière
President, Coalition Against the Danford MegaDump

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