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Ontario Waste Destined for Proposed Danford Mega Dump?
July 27, 2006, Ottawa, ON and Danford Lake PQ

Persistent rumours that the proposed Danford Mega Dump, if approved, will be accepting tons of Ontario waste has heightened community apprehension and further angered opponents of the super landfill.

There are also rumours that the Mega Dump would accept all manner of construction debris as well, a development that has also angered opponents.

“These rumours about Ontario waste coming to this proposed mega dump continue to persist and while they are unsubstantiated, they raise the real possibility in people’s mind that the mega dump will be welcoming the waste generated in Ontario”, said André Carrière, President of the Coalition.

To date the Coalition has been unable to obtain an answer to the question it raised concerning the possible importation of waste from Ontario. Neither the Quebec Ministry of the Environment nor the proponents, Cohen and Cohen or the local MNA have responded directly to this question. An agreement on inter-provincial transportation has heightened apprehension around this point about Ontario waste.

The proposed 545-acre dump is being promoted by LDC Management and Environmental Services, a private company majority owned by Ottawa demolition and recycling company Cohen and Cohen. Gatineau businessman Denis Rouleau is a minority owner.

The Mega Dump has deeply divided the tiny community of Danford Lake, Quebec and the surrounding municipalities and their citizens. The majority of residents remain staunchly opposed to the project the site for which is just a few kilometers west of this popular tourist and cottage area.

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Michèle Borchers
Vice President, Coalition Against the Danford MegaDump
819-467-2219 or 613-237-0794

André Carrière
President, Coalition Against the Danford MegaDump

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