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Coalition Against Danford Megadump goes on the offensive
March 29, 2006

Coalition contre le mégadépotoir de Danford
Coalition Against Danford Mega-dump
C. P. 911, Danford Lake (Québec) J0X 1P0

For immediate release – March 29, 2006

Coalition Against Danford Megadump goes on the offensive:

  • asks Mayor and Councillors of Alleyn and Cawood to disclose any conflict of interest they or Municipal employees may have in the matter of the proposed mega engineered landfill project (The Danford Megadump)
  • asks ratepayers to defeat proposed bylaw changes, one of which clearly states that Alleyn and Cawood offers its candidacy for a regional Landfill. Another bylaw adjusts zoning regulations which may have an impact on the territory proposed for the megadump.

When and Where:   Monday, April 3, 2006

              7:00 p.m. Council Meeting

              8:30 p.m. Public Consultation Session

              Bethany Hall, Harrison Road,

              Danford Lake Village, Quebec 

In view of the numerous rumours and innuendo circulating within the town of Danford (Municipality of Alleyn and Cawood) and in neighbouring municipalities, the Coalition Against the Danford Megadump has delivered letters this week asking each of the Councillors, and the Mayor of Alleyn and Cawood to state in writing and for the record:

  • Any personal or financial interest, present or future, direct or indirect that he or she may have with any person or corporation having, or seeking, a contract or agreement with the Municipality related to the landfill project, and
  • Any benefits of any kind to them or an immediate family have received, have been promised, or which have been suggested to each of them, relating to any matter relevant to the landfill project which has been submitted for their decision or consideration as a member of Council.

The Mayor is also asked, after investigation, to sign a similar document on behalf of Municipal employees.

The Coalition intends to draw public attention to the letters at the Council meeting on Monday, April 3, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. -- asking those who have not responded to do so at this meeting.

The public consultation on by-law changes is a requirement of the Quebec Ministry of Municipal Affairs, and representatives from Municipal Affairs will be in attendance to ensure proper procedures (frequently ignored by the Mayor and Councillors) are followed. The Coalition is asking that the proposed Bylaw changes be opposed, and that when the required Registry of Voters is struck, sufficient voters sign to oppose the changes, thereby triggering a referendum wherein the bylaw changes would be defeated

Large numbers of rate-payers and concerned citizens are expected to attend with sound speakers to be mounted outside Bethany Hall so no one will miss the proceedings.

For more information, contact: 

Raye Thomas, Coalition Member
(613) 295-4064

Pam Miles, Coalition Member
(613) 323-3071

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