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Don't dump on Danford
By Robert Wills Clarendon, THE EQUITY, 22-March-2006

Dear Editor,

When, in the history of civilization, have the residents of any town said, "Boy, howdy! I sure am glad we got that dump! Before that, we had to make do with clean skies and water, trees and hills, fish and fauna?" Ask residents of Cantley or Stittsville if they think a landfill improves the neighbourhood. Why would the residents of Danford Lake trade the tourist potential of Mont O'Brien for the pollution potential of Mount Dumpford?

Granted, a regional waste management scheme is the way of the future, but Danford is the wrong place, for several reasons which can be read at Since transportation is the most expensive and accident-prone part of dealing with waste, the place for such a facility is where most of the garbage already is; in Gatineau. It will be much easier and more efficient to truck all of Danford's garbage (and all of Pontiac's) to Gatineau than to truck all of Gatineau's garbage to Danford.

When our garbage arrives in Gatineau, the thing to do with it is not simply pack it into a hole, but invest in a technology which comes close to the ideal of making garbage go away - plasma incineration. For information on this technology, you can do a Google search on plasma waste incineration, consult or go to

Don't dump on Danford - deal with it!

P.S. In an extremely cheesy manoeuvre, the promoter of the megadump has parked on website names very similar to the previously-established and, so make sure you input the address correctly.

Robert Wills Clarendon

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