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80% of Neil Lake Ratepayers Sign Petition Against Proposed Danford Mega Dump
August 28, 2006, Neil Lake, Quebec

The Coalition Against the Danford Mega Dump announced today that 80 percent of the property owners on Neil Lake, the closest and largest population of recreational property owners to the proposed Danford MegaDump have signed a petition against the landfill.

Neil Lake is one of approximately 50 lakes in the general vicinity of the proposed Mega Dump. In addition to the many lakes, the historic and renowned Picanoc River also flows through the area and is a scant 300 yards from the proposed Mega Dump site.

The Picanoc is a popular river with white water enthusiasts and fishermen. Many cottagers and villagers still remember Pierre and Margaret Trudeau stopping with their sons at the local chip stand on their way to canoe the Picanoc.

Despite strenuous opposition from the majority of property owners in the area, developer Denis Rouleau, in partnership with Cohen & Cohen, is pursuing the mega landfill along the banks of the Picanoc River and nearby hundreds of cottages.

The cottagers on this tiny, pristine lake share the same concerns as opponents who live in the Village of Danford Lake. If approved, the Mega Dump will be a threat to their health, safety, quality of life, air, water and environment, now and for generations to come.

Of major concern is the increase in truck traffic along highway 105, a winding, two lane road, in poor repair and notorious for the number of accidents, many fatal, which occur annually. This past Spring, politicians and a Quebec Ministry of Transport official stated in an interview that the 105 is a dangerous highway.

The prospect of large numbers of gulls descending on this quiet lake worries Neil Lake cottagers as well. Research shows that gulls from landfills are not only disease carriers, but roost on roof tops, foul decks, docks and waterways, and have been known to litter the landscape with garbage they pick up from landfills. They are also predators of wildlife, including songbirds, turtles and frogs.

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Michèle Borchers
Vice President, Coalition Against the Danford MegaDump
819-467-2219 or 613-237-0794

André Carrière
President, Coalition Against the Danford MegaDump

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