Joe Squitti, Mayor

Municipality of Alleyn-And-Cawood

Danford Lake, QC







Dear Mayor Squitti,


I am writing to express my strong opposition to the proposed Danford Lake landfill project. I am a taxpayer and a property owner your municipality. I recently heard about the project in a CBC interview and was dismayed to learn about it. The letter you sent in October 2004 regarding the dump was not written on letterhead, not signed, and was also misleading about the true size and scope of the proposed landfill. This does not constitute a true public consultation process.


I am concerned about the potential impact of the landfill on pollution of the Picanoc and Kazabazua rivers. I am also concerned about the increase in local traffic and litter.


You have stated that you are proceeding with this project in order to prevent a tax increase to your taxpayers. However, if the majority of your taxpayers are opposed to this project (which could be determined by a referendum), then I fail to see why you would ignore your own taxpayers’ wishes and proceed with it. I understand that you may feel that the current opposition to the landfill is a nuisance. However, the opposition would continue if you proceed with the project and you could be open to class-action lawsuits. I truly wonder if your small increase in revenue will be worth the nuisance and risk to you and our community.


I will be sending a letter outlining these concerns to the Minister of the Environment, to Premier Charest, as well as to our local MP and MPP. You stated in your CBC interview that you would not proceed without community support. Along with many others, I am expressing my lack of support for this project and expect that you will follow through with your promise.


                                                                    Yours Sincerely,