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MegaDump Mayor Keeps His Council in the Dark
Residents Offer to Pay for Referendum on Danford Mega Dump
September 8, 2006, Danford Lake, Quebec

The Mega Dump Mayor of the Township of Alleyn Cawood, site of the proposed Danford Landfill, has again raised the ire of local property owners, the majority of whom oppose the landfill, by failing to report on three crucial items of direct interest to the community that arose at the last regular meeting of the Pontiac MRC Council.

The Mayor failed to mention:

  1. That the mayor asked the MRC to amend Draft Bylaw 120-06 (which added Danford Lake to the list of potential sites for a regional landfill)—the Mayor refused to disclose the contents of his amendment at the council meeting;
  2. That there was a one-hour in camera session with the landfill project promoter (Denis Rouleau); and
  3. That the MRC referred to its Planning Committee the responsibility to follow up on the significant interest expressed by its constituent mayors in incineration as an alternative to landfills in the Pontiac.

“What could have possessed the Mayor that he failed to divulge such important information to his own councilors and citizens,” said André Carrière, President of the Coalition Against the Mega Dump. “Again, we have a situation where members of the public are not receiving the facts about this situation. This style of governance is really sad to observe and grossly unfair to the good citizens of Danford Lake.”

Mr. Carrière attended the Pontiac MRC Meeting held in Campbell’s Bay, Quebec in late August. The Pontiac MRC is the regional government body comprising an area of some 18 municipalities in West Quebec about an hour’s drive west of Ottawa.

The September 4th meeting of the Alleyn Cawood municipal council also saw one councilor make a motion calling for a referendum on the Mega Dump project. The motion failed on a tie vote (3 in favour, 3 against), one councilor explaining he needed more information on the cost of a referendum before he could support such a motion.

Citizens attending the meeting responded by offering donations and help in raising money to cover the costs of a referendum.

Mr. Carrière attended the Township Council meeting and said afterward. “This community has now reached the stage where it is ready to pay to exercise its democratic right to vote and to participate in decisions that would affect its social and physical environment for generations to come.”

The Mega Dump has deeply divided the tiny community of Danford Lake, Quebec and the surrounding municipalities and their citizens. The majority of residents remain staunchly opposed to the project the site for which is just a few kilometers west of this popular tourist and cottage area. The historic Picanoc River, a canoeing retreat of Pierre Elliot Trudeau and his family, is also adjacent to the site of the proposed landfil

For more information:

Michèle Borchers
Vice President, Coalition Against the Danford MegaDump
819-467-2219 or 613-237-0794

André Carrière
President, Coalition Against the Danford MegaDump

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