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The Coalition Against Danford Megadump is dedicated to preventing the imposition of a massive garbage dump in one of the most beautiful, and tourism oriented, regions of Quebec. The Municipal Council in Danford Lake, Quebec (Municipality of Alleyn-and-Cawood) has decided in principle to host an “engineered landfill site” a few kilometres west of the town of Danford Lake, to serve as the waste disposal site for all of the Outaouais region of Quebec, (an area of 33,000 sq. kilometres with a population of approximately 350,000). This region is the principal recreational area adjacent to the Canadian capital of Ottawa, and a three hour drive west of the city of Montreal.

The project is massive. It could accept up to 240,000 tons of waste per year and would ultimately form a 22 storey high mountain of garbage. Incredibly the site chosen is in the middle of a pristine part of the province of Quebec surrounded by beautiful lakes, rivers, and forests that have served for over a century as a nature haven for local citizens, seasonal residents, and recreational visitors. In fact, tourism from Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec is currently the major local source of income.
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This project will change forever the nature of this recreational area of Quebec, and the village of Danford Lake. While there may be some short term economic benefits to the village itself, the potential risks to the region are enormous. Even if this megadump functions perfectly, the truck traffic and environmental impact upon the local tourism industry will be profound and very negative. If the dump malfunctions or is mismanaged, it could effectively turn the village into a ghost town and ruin this area of Quebec for recreational and tourism usage for the next hundred years.
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A growing number of residents of Danford Lake and the surrounding municipalities have concluded that the megadump proposed for the village will be disastrous for their own personal health, and for the economic and environmental future of the region. They are also outraged at the lack of transparency and abuse of the democratic process that has characterized the imposition of this dump site since its inception. In response, they have formed a not-for-profit corporation, the Coalition Against the Danford Megadump, to try to stop this project before it is too late.
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We hope you will take the time to investigate the various dimensions of this huge project and help us to prevent an environmental and social disaster before it happens.

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